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Working in private practice

In my short time as a speech pathologist, I have had the pleasure of working in a range of different jobs, meeting different people and learning new skills. My latest adventure has been working in private practice and (at this stage) I'm feeling it might be where I stay for a while!

Of all the jobs I've had, this is the happiest I've been. Why's that you ask? Because I am doing what I love. Helping others and seeing them progress. Yes, I did the same thing in my previous two jobs, but at times I wasn't the one 'helping' rather, I was 'overseeing' and then acknowledging the progress. It was great...for a while. Then I found myself coming out of the 'honeymoon period' and realising it wasn't for me. So I took the plunge. Ten months later and I have no regrets, not even one letter.

I could go on and on about why being a private therapist is the bomb (and I will) but for now I need to acknowledge a few things.

  1. Working in private practice is not for everyone. Working in a small clinic can be quite lonely and isolating at times. That being said, it is also very rewarding.

  2. You become very attached to your clients. So much so, you start dreaming about them and revert to planning their sessions (in your head) instead of counting sheep to get to sleep.

  3. Depending on where you are located may mean you have great distances to travel to provide a service. (Positive: endless chats with your grandparents. Negative: you turn into a grandma as you are so tired by the time you get home that you don't want to socialise).

  4. Believe it or not, we don't do it for the money. We do it for the kids!

  5. Every time you venture out of the house you come back with a new toy, book or piece of play furniture.

  6. Your once large work/friend group (who promised to remain friends with you and invite you places) slowly dwindles away and you're left with solo 'Netflix and chill' and noodles for dinner every Friday night instead. (That is not livin'!)

In saying that, being a private therapist has opened SO many doors for me! A standard week of work includes: a couple of visits to the local nursing home, a trip to a kindy, some school visits, travelling as far north as Atherton and south to Tully and of course my regulars scattered throughout the gaps. Diversity across the week is what keeps me going! There is never a dull moment!

Being a contractor has allowed me to plan my own days, be in control of my own caseload and be accountable to myself. I decide when I take leave, I determine the hours I work and I dictate the time I start and finish. Of course my employers are informed and if for some reason I am required, that is accounted for. However, other than that, they are genuinely happy for me and are more interested in where I am going and how I am spending the time, rather than reprimanding me for booking a spontaneous holiday. UNBELIEVABLE, isn't it?!

Of all reasons, I love working in private practice because I love my kids. I love working with their parents and I adore educating anyone and everyone who will listen. If that is not a great enough reason to understand why I love my job, then that's unfortunate for you.


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