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To-Do List/s

Who doesn't love a good to-do list? I clearly love them too much and find myself procrastinating by writing yet another to-do list because I've crossed off two (easy peasy) jobs of the 20 that are left to complete. Call me dramatic, but to-do lists literally help me function.

Lastly, work through that to do list like a boss.

Let's put it into perspective. I see so many people each day and often promise I'll send an email with resources or send a link to an article or a message to organise drinks after work. Without a running to do list I actually have no idea what I promised come 5pm that day. Have I forgotten to put things on my list? You better believe it. But am I the only one? I doubt that. In saying that, no one is ever really honest enough to admit to that though... I thought I would try and start a movement. (N.B. It's okay not to be perfect. Welcome to my world!).

The one thing I keep telling myself is "there is always tomorrow or next week!"

As the 'self appointed' to-do list queen, I have some tips for you!

1. Make a to-do list. (Okay sorry I will be serious now).

1.1 Create headings - Example: Important, Other work, personal (theses are typically mine)

2. List everything that you can think of under your three (or more) headings.

3. Categorise - highlight EXTREMELY urgent tasks.

4. Target one thing at a time and make sure you CROSS each one off as you go.

4.1 (My personal favourite) Add a few easy tasks that you will definitely do that day to get you started. E.g. check emails or empty your bin. (Trust me on this one. It might sound ludicrous that you are writing down to "empty your bin" but seeing something crossed out on your to-do list might actually be the motivation you need to keep going. Works a treat for me! My go to is "washing or baking.")

5. If you are someone who likes to see progress keep your to-do list going. If you are someone (like me) who constantly likes to procrastinate, re-write out your list once you've completed half of it. It's very rewarding. However, in my case I am usually re-writing it out due to lack of space to add … (insert face palm). These are the days I often scheme on how to reduce the ridiculous mounds of paperwork but am soon brought back to reality and tell myself to "suck it up princess." Such is life.

Lastly, work through that to-do list like a boss. Will you get everything done today? Unlikely. If you do, please message me and tell me how to be more productive. I need all the help I can get. The one thing I keep telling myself is "there is always tomorrow or next week!" We live in a fast paced world where everything needed to be done last week. Newsflash!! You can only do what you can do. I've come to realise a good night's sleep is better than running on empty and waiting an extra week for that report won't hurt anyone. If anything it teaches patience. A little something we all need more of.

Time to cross off "write blog post" on my list. (Yasss gurl!)


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