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This is me!

Ever wondered why someone decided to start a blog? Well here's my story...

It all started just over two years ago when I received an email from a speech pathologist from my home town (Tully, Queensland, Australia) asking if I'd be interested in doing some weekend work. Context: I was a new grad, had just moved to Cairns (6 months) and not long started a new fulltime and extremely demanding job. My partner lived in Weipa, I didn't have a huge friend network and I had always wondered what being a private therapist was like. So why not? After a chat with a (now) fellow colleague, but at the time my previous supervisor I decided to give it a go. I cannot thank her enough for pointing me in the right direction and being so supportive!

...so I bit the bullet and quit my full time job.

With the support of my amazing partner (and creator of this website), beautiful parents and closest friends I jumped into working an 11 day week (driving 4hrs every fortnight). May not sound busy for some, but I was run off my feet! I started with seeing four cherubs once a fortnight to seeing nine back to back without a lunch break. (I knew the caseload would increase, but I wasn't expecting it to happen within a few months!)

18 months on I decided I wanted my weekends back, my partner was moving to Cairns and I was ready for a change, so I bit the bullet and quit my full time job to transition to be a full time private therapist. Definitely the most satisfying decision to date! I didn't think I'd feel so nervous about resigning but I was terrified. Those who know me best will have a tad more insight into why this may have been the case. But that is now null and void.

7 months on, I'm now working full time for two practices and servicing children and adults from Atherton to Tully and I couldn't be happier. Well I wouldn't say no to a holiday but baby steps and apparently a change is as good as a holiday … to a degree yes, but cocktails and new places also excite me. Again, baby steps.

Some of you probably think I am this badass speechie who has her life sorted and wasn't scared about the unknown...yep, not me. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I was unbelievably scared. At the time my partner had just moved to Cairns and spontaneously decided to enrol in a Bachelor of Aviation (here's to those holidays I was talking about), we had very quickly (and luckily) found a beautiful place to call home (in the torrential rain - that's a story for another day). Within two weeks we had moved in and were using a borrowed camping esky as a fridge until we could bribe our friends to help us finish moving the following week. The biggest concern of all was I had to build my caseload. In two places. To fill five days. Piece of cake? Well kind of. Maybe some word of mouth too, that I will be forever grateful for! I knew two days a week wasn't going to cut it, so I thought starting a blog would help get my name out there and provide me with a productive way to spend my time and share my love for speech pathology. And it's done just that!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared. I was unbelievably scared.

I am a huge believer in not recreating the wheel. We are all busy and there are some awesome resources floating around. TPT is my absolute favourite website other than any recipe from Jamie Oliver or anything with chocolate. I love finding new resources and sharing them with you all. So please TELL ME what you use. What are your staples?

I'd love to get to know you too. Shoot me a message. Maybe even a virtual coffee. You do you. Peace out.

R x


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