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Mental Exhaustion is a thing.

What are these days of leave referred to as "school holidays?" (Quote Rachael 8 months ago)… 8 months on and for the first time in all my speech pathology career I am thoroughly enjoying the school holidays!

So for the first time I am "unofficially unavailable"...

Q: Am I still working?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have paperwork to do?

A: Of course.

Q: Am I having copious amounts of lunch dates?

A: You bet!

Q: Do I feel guilty?


Q: Will I get into trouble if I have a two hour lunch break.

A: That's a negative. My bosses encourage me to take time off.

So back to school holidays. I am using this precious time to refresh, revamp and prepare for the final term of this crazy year! I've finally realised why in previous years I have felt so burnout by the time Christmas comes around - mental exhaustion. Without sounding like a whingy Gen Y, working with kids/parents/teachers/adults/families/siblings etc all day every day straight for 40 weeks is a tough gig. I've always loved what I do, but everyone has a limit. Everyone needs some time away and we all need to stop and smell the roses.

So for the first time I am "unofficially unavailable" as in, I am not going anywhere (other than my courtyard, the beach and some bars) but I am shutting up shop for a week. I know the office (a.k.a. my desk and resources) aren't going to miss me and well the kids sent me off with hugs, so they'll be okay too!

A: That's a negative. My bosses encourage me to take time off.

Here's to not feeling guilty for once. Here's to balance. Here's to new routines. Oh and I've already been outside exercising three times this week and it's only Wednesday... that's more than all term. (Success). Safe to say a change is as good as a holiday. But a holiday would be good as well? Oh wait, I have a week off to plan a holiday. On it. Byeeeee!


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