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Updated: May 6, 2018

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write about this book, rather I came across it in my local news-agency and couldn't resist!

Working in my home town has its perks. Lunch dates with family and friends, shopping up a storm in the local boutique stores, borrowing books from my childhood library for inspiration for my sessions, but my favourite by far is stumbling across local talent! I happened to come across some beautiful books by a local author and illustrator, Eva-Marie Welsh, in the local news-agency and couldn't pass them up!

Books that not only are enjoyable but encompass life experiences are perfect!

Eva- Marie lives in Mission Beach (originally from Germany) and has published nine beautiful books all based on animals you would find in Tropical Far North Queensland. For those who haven't visited this area, you are missing out! Not only that, but we have some stunning animals and Eva-Marie does a fantastic job at showcasing these animals in all their glory!

This post is particularly about "Cassy's Tale," Eva-Marie's first published book! This book ticks all the boxes:

- beautiful illustrations

- well related vocabulary (e.g. crackly, squeak, jump, kick)

- child-friendly definitions of new vocabulary (e.g. cyclone)

- simple and easy to follow story-line

- perfect depiction of cassowaries in the tropics

Cassy's Tale by Eva-Marie Welsh

In Eva-Marie's words, "...Cassy’s Tale” begins when Cassy, the cassowary chick, hatches from her egg and follows her adventures and lessons about life she receives from her father as he teaches her about her surroundings, cyclones and how to find food in the forest..."

So why was this book special enough to write a post on? Well here goes... When I am looking for books to base my sessions on, I look for all of the things I mentioned above, as well as making sure it's somewhat relatable to the child. Why is that important you ask? Well without some interest, the child will become disengaged and will likely not enjoy the book nor will he/she retain any of the teachings. This book brings the area we live to life and talks about the destruction our town has been through but how we have rebuilt. Books that not only are enjoyable but encompass life experiences are perfect!

Congratulations to Eva-Marie on producing such wonderful books and showcasing our beautiful part of the world! For all my speechie friends out there, I know what you're thinking... imagine the craft activities and inferencing questions one could pair with this book. So I guess this is where I tell you I'm already on to it..

If you want more information on this book or would like to purchase it, click here for a link to Eva-Marie's website.

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